Quick and easy
ID cards
  • No Need to call photographer to click photos of students.
  • No need to cross verify data of students.
  • Everything easily managed through Schoolesolutions App.

Types of ID-Cards

Acrylic cards are made on an acrylic sheet and designed through laser technology. These cards are relatively costlier than normal cards and a little heavier too. The price starts from Rs 60

PVC cards with Plastic holders are the best and most popular for student ID cards. These cards are relatively lighter, and students cannot tamper them easily. The cost is also not much. The card printing quality is super with a high-resolution output.

PVC cards with transparent holders are premium quality id cards for students. The holder of the Pvc card is acrylic, transparent with both side printing can be done.

Pasting cards are normal low-quality sticker Pvc cards which are pasted on plastic card. The cards have relatively less life and can be damaged by water.

These cards are normally easier to be tampered and their life is very less.

Lanyards or Dori are the most important part of an id card. There is unlimited range of material and quality available. These days satin material with digital printing lanyards are most prevalent. They look very trendy and attractive.

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